At the time, we lived up in the hills where the spruce trees slanted against the soil. There was always snow too, at least some. The summer months couldn’t warm up the ground quick enough for it all to melt, and every year I thought maybe it would all go away. It never quite […]


“You cannot say A is made of B. All mass is interaction” After a few more glasses of something, sitting down is no longer sufficient. What is necessary now is to be doing something, to be interacting properly. Single things cannot be focused on now. It has reached the point now however, where I’ve stood […]

Light Part 2

“Is there a way to see it still?” I asked, “even though it’s gone?” Lucius and I were running final checks for the day on the machinery and electrics. He ticked things on a flimsy clipboard while I followed asking questions. “Yes, there are quite a few viewing stations about the place,” he replied flatly. […]

Light – Part 1

This story is one contender for my creative writing dissertation, on the theme of Light. This is only a first part and is still a working progress. Light We took a pill before each shift to prevent decompression sickness. I had heard horror stories from the past when they were first building this facility. They sent up […]

The Aokigahara Forest

  Azusa slipped out of bed at dawn, his eyes adjusting to the dim summer light. He reached for his glasses, and fitted them on his face, before swinging his legs carefully from the bed, so not to wake his wife. He crept down the stairs until he reached the cold, tiled living room floor […]


My mum gave me a small polished rock of red serpentine. She said it was from Cornwall and that it could only be found there. It was a lucky charm; if I held it then danger would pass me by. We lived on the coast, in a white house on top of a cliff with […]